Albany Surprise Proposal Shoot - Zhi Wei and Estee

So these two legends arrived from Singapore, travelled down to Margaret River and met me at Albany just for their engagement shoot. Their main goal was to do the shoot up Bluff Knoll. Yes, all 1099m of it (The lengths I go through for my clients I tell you). Didn't help that it was forecasted to rain but we went ahead with it anyway. I guess that's what you get when you meet adventurous lovers.

Halfway through the shoot (bearing in mind that it was an engagement shoot), I was all ready to hear of their proposal story. To my surprise, both of them turned to me and said that they have not gotten engaged yet. Say what? So it turns out that when you want to get married in Singapore, you would have to plan things way in advance, and this includes buying a property together (of which they have done). Somehow it didn't occur to me to ask Zhi Wei when he was going to propose. Guess I was too busy trying to come up with creative shots.

Two hours before sunset, we were closing onto the peak but it was getting too dark and cloudy. Plus, Estee really wanted to shoot with the canola flowers. We had to make the tough decision to turn around and head downwards. As we turned around, Zhi Wei asked me if the height of the flowers were going to be above shoulder height. Curious as to why he was asking all these weird questions, I said no. All of a sudden, he granted me a glimpse of the content of his bag, then I finally understood what he was up to! Couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear as we made our way to our cars.

Fast forward to the field. With the Stirling ranges as the background, not knowing what his plans were, I got Zhi Wei to tell Estee what he loves about her. It was there and then where he went down on one knee and asked her to be his wife so that they could grow old together. Couldn't help but shed a tear myself. Here's to many more adventures!

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