Wanneroo Pines, Burns Beach Engagement - Z and Yanni

Gotta love summer sunsets. It was a pleasure to be a able to do a pre-wedding session with Z and Yanni as we wandered amongst the towering trees of Wanneroo Pines and ended the day at Burns Beach where we got to witness the sunset, standing right next to the gentle waves. The calmness we felt as we wondered through the trees despite it being situated right next to a busy road was simply surreal. Not forgetting the salty smell of the ocean and the vastness of the horizons where the sea touches the sky. This never fails to remind me of how small we are and what a big world we live in.

My aim is to always incorporate my passion for nature, art and love into my images. Pictures that will transport people back in time to remind them of how they felt during a particular moment. Recognising the joys and struggles that couples have to go through in order to be where they are today helps me become a better photographer. As a wedding photographer, it brings me much joy to be able to journey with a couple right from the very beginning until the point where they commit themselves to each other at the alter, not forgetting the moments after (cause marriage is just the beginning).

Here are some highlights from Z and Yanni's engagement shoot. Enjoy!

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