Hello! Thanks for dropping by :) Here's a glimpse of who I am and what inspires me. I was born in a small town called Melaka (land of good food) in Malaysia and currently live in Perth. I was once an avid rock climber until I laid my hands on a friend's DSLR and I've never looked back since. 

In no particular order, I have a special affinity for dogs, southern Indian food (all the spices!), travelling, engaging conversations, a good laugh and matcha latte. My definition of a happy day includes sipping on a cuppa while being surrounded by beautiful scenery with a good book in hand. 

Born with a nagging curiosity and wanderlust, I have a knack for discovering little-known nooks and crannies that will bring a unique setting to your precious memories. So if you love adventure, I'm all in! With my typical Asian slanted but keen eyes (I would like to think that they help me focus better), I enjoy capturing stills that encapsulate treasured moments. 

So why weddings? There is no moment more beautiful than the magical unification of two souls. As no love story is without its fair share of trials and challenges, allow me to celebrate your victory (with you) by translating special moments into vivid images for safekeeping as you take the next step in your life journey.

My aim is to combine my passion for nature, art, raw emotions and love into my images. Pictures that will take you back in time to remind you of how you felt during that particular moment. That said, you can rest assure that quality service will be rendered to you throughout your special day.

Ultimately, my main focus is to tell your story. Now that you've read mine, what's yours?